Bracelet Designs Topping the Trending Charts Right Now

There are all kinds of jewellery collectors and then there are those whose obsession for beautiful baubles knows no bounds. Nonetheless, a bracelet is that one jewellery item almost everyone has. Bracelets are the most versatile jewellery type available in a range varying from formal to casual. These beautiful pieces of jewellery add a lot of charm to the wearer’s wrist and come in numerous shapes, sizes, patterns, makes, etc. Depending upon one’s preference, expensive bracelet designs are also sold in the market however those are not wearable at all times. We’ve listed down the best of designs in bracelets that are the favourites of many now.


Gold & Silver Charm Bracelets


The prettiest looking jewellery is a Charm Bracelet! It can be personalized the way one wishes and compliments anything and everything one wears! Effortless and impressive, charm bracelets come in a huge range. One charm to multiple charms, one can add or remove them according to the way one is comfortable. Although beads, tassels, shells, and so on are available in charm bracelet designs however gold and silver charm bracelets are the most searched and liked out of all the other types.


Birthstone Chain Bracelets


No matter what age or times we live in, the magic of Birthstone Chain Bracelets will never fade. These have a very spiritual significance and at the same time are very personal for the wearer. Birthstone bracelets are available in various colours as per an individual’s birth chart. Blue sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst, garnet, and many other such stones are used to customise these handmade bracelets.


Bracelets are completely unisex and there are no rules when it comes to what to wear and what not to! There are many reasons to wear one and we are sure with so many options listed here, you’ll be able to make up your mind in terms of which ones you would stack up in your collection.